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About Us

Khaled Racing is a Riyadh based rally racing team founded in May 2023.
The team was founded on the backdrop of the consistent and successful 10-year racing career of Khaled Al Feraihi.

Our Story

Khaled Al Feraihi burst onto the scene of competitive off-road rally racing like a comet of pure talent in 2013, seizing the chequered flag in a stunning debut race in Kuwait Desert Rally. That initial victory ignited a passionate fire within him, propelling Khaled to a remarkable season the following year, where he consistently graced the podium, firmly making his mark on the competitive rally scene.

By 2015, Khaled's ambition and determination led him to craft his very own racing machine, a testament to his unwavering commitment. He charged headlong into the rough and demanding terrain, pushing the boundaries of his car's capabilities in national races that spanned the vibrant landscapes of the Middle East. His relentless pursuit of perfection bore fruit, and by 2016, his car had undergone meticulous refinement and was officially recognised with an FIA license (the only FIA recognised home build in Saudi Arabia), an entry ticket to the fiercely contested international championships.

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Race Schedule

Dubai International Rally

The oldest motorsport event in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), staged annually since the 1970s, the Dubai International Baja, featured on the calendar for both the 2023 FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas and FIA Middle East Cup.

The Dubai International Baja has a demanding course running through the vast desert dunes of Al Qudra desert in Dubai.

Al Qassim Rally
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Al-Qassim Rally will be based in the city of Buraydah, the capital of the Al-Qassim region governed by HRH Prince Faisal bin Mishaal bin Saud bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud.

The race terrain is a mix with sandy terrain, difficult navigation and large sand dunes as well as rocky terrain, wadis and a fine balance of sandy tracks featuring difficult navigation and large dunes.

Jordan International Baja
Jordan Rally

The Jordan Baja is an international baja-style rally raid cross-country endurance racing event held in the Wadi Run desert in Jordan. The Jordan Baja has 559 competitive kilometres in a total route of 859 km. The Jordan International Baja marks the season finale for both the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas and FIA Middle East Cup 2023 championships.

Jeddah Rally
Jeddah Rally

The five-round Saudi National Championship reaches its conclusion with the three-day Jeddah Rally in mid-December. The Jeddah Rally is organised by the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (SAMF), in conjunction with the Ministry of Sport and in partnership with Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ) Motors. The terrain in this epic rally is a mix of sand dunes, shale fields and rocky outcrops, all of which make for good racing and exciting viewing. The Jeddah Rally has been running since 2014.

Dakar Cross Country Rally Raid

This legendary event needs no introduction – the toughest and longest cross country rally raid in the world that sees up to 1,000 entries from professional and amateur competitors from all over the world racing 8,500 kms across the outback and great deserts of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with difficult navigation and a mixture of challenging terrain.

2024 Race Schedule
Middle East & Europe

2024 is set to be an epic adventure for Khaled Racing with multiple international race events on the calendar across The Middle East and North Africa and Europe.

Recent Racing Events

Tabuk NEOM Rally 2023


The first Tabuk-NEOM Rally, a new round of the 2023 Saudi Toyota Rally Championship, took place from 18th – 20th May in the northern Saudi city of Tabuk. The race route, a dynamic blend of terrains, featured towering sand dunes and demanding tracks, providing a picturesque backdrop for the debut of Khaled Racing. Our daring performance led us to seize the top spot in the T1 category and secure an impressive third place overall, setting the stage for an exhilarating and promising race season ahead for this race team that means business.

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